We care! In Australia, we have a strong affinity for coffee and believe in appreciating each cup while remaining environmentally conscious.
As coffee connoisseurs we need to consider our choice of coffee making machine as well as the source of our beans.

You can take comfort in knowing Wick coffee beans are sourced sustainably. By choosing Wick you’re also investing in tackling the harmful effects of climate change.

Repurpose Your Used Coffee Grains

Beauty Make a natural exfoliating scrub. Use coffee grounds to make a natural exfoliating scrub to improve your beauty regimen and give your skin a rejuvenating and uplifting experience.

Household To counteract offensive odours in your refrigerator, put a small dish of discarded coffee granules inside.

Garden Use Ground Coffee Waste to Nourish Your Garden. Turn coffee waste into a nutrient-rich fertiliser for your prized plants. It not only improves soil quality but also works well to keep pests away. For optimum advantageous effects, compost coffee grounds for a minimum of one hundred days. This process facilitates the breakdown and optimal performance of specific substances in your garden, including tannins, caffeine, and chlorogenic acid.